Midweek: The Villa, Skranglejazz X Sunkissed.

One more action-packed weekend is just around the corner, one that states tighten your belt buckle and double tie your shoelaces! A weekend that will be hands down filled with waves of laughter, cheezy high fives and festive movements at a dance floor somewhere. That somewhere could be these places;

The Villa with its darkest anchor of them all: Darkrooms. A manifestation devoted to that truly deep going synth-lines and hard-hitting hats that shows power. On this edition of Darkrooms will Lara Palmer and Eivind Volum play under the wings of the Tresor resident Mareena. A night to be visited because going into the darkness will bring you to a lightness at heart!

The following night you want to take it mellow after a raving night! Where you should be is at Blå – a venue in cosy and fuzzy surroundings. What is happening there that is so important to take place in that are: Skranglejazz X Sunkissed! A combination that will fill up the venue with scrambled sunshine. Also described as a sweet combination that is on Fuego alert, fam. Who are going to play is a lot of DJs but not that many. So a night that is in perfect balance, fam. So here ya go a weekend that is rocksolid enough and will not make the switch on your boss and your own lunchboxes at work. Definitevely not!


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