#LavaOfTheWeek: Scrape Escapes!

Whilst you sit there after work and think that your day could have been better. What was the missing link? What was the thing that made you think a day like this could be better. Well that was just because earlier on this day you cringed from hearing your alarm that you snoozed it three times. Just because at a coffebreak before lunch you dropped your newly bought coffee mug on the floor by accident, so it broke. Just because you also switched up your boss and your lunchbox by accident. Just because you also did not have a proper list of tracks whilst being situated in your cubicle at work. Well here ya go folks! Just because of the scenarios that went down after these actions here is a tracklist for your rescue for tomorrows. Hope they scrape up an escape for you! Scrape up for you in a big and profound way!

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