HILL02: Marius Bø Aaløkken.

At first glance, we are drawn into a terrain where we are uplifted and moved in so many directions. At the second glance, we are hypnotized by a sensual motion. A third glance we have also met a guy that has yet not surfaced as a headliner on club venues all over Oslo. So the mix that you will hear now is a mix that states that this has got to be changed! One mix that states stories that build up for the first glance that we are indeed​ uplifted, hypnotized and introduced by a guy that truly is​ a guy we will meet on more than one occasion in venues all over in Oslo. Looking through all the glances we are also met by a caring, giving and a ​warmhearted guy. His mix right here is also a mix produced a long time ago and the current sound may have changed, but this is mix well produced. It is a mix that also says a lot of where he seems to be at home at. It also shows that he as​ a ​whole a man of techno to be reckoned with!

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