Midweek: Elefant, Jaeger, Kafe Hærverk, Det Gode Selskab.

Whilst the last weekend starts to fade out the new one starts to fade in! A weekend that is filled with a lot of events all over Oslo. So where to begin is hard, but as always Midweek takes a small dive and shortlist the best of them all!

Where will we be starting? We will be starting at Elefant!
Where the one and only Olle Abstract will host an all night long. A man that is the man that can be entitled as one of the godfathers of house music in Norway. The man behind the infamous radio show at NRK that pushed boundaries approximately one decade earlier and still being remembered​. What more is on his curriculum​ vitae? He is the front-runner​ of the slickest podcast in Norway, Lyd. One podcast that is​ reckoned to be remembered​ two decades later.

If there is a sudden change of the course on Friday​ and will go for something ​harder the best option there is to go for is Jaeger. They have booked in collaboration with Triangle; Silent Servant, Ron Bacardi & Freddy K! Also under this night the residents as in G-HA, Olanskii, R.O.O.C.L will play as well! So you will get this a bonus added to your remembrance​ of what happened a few moments earlier such as Olle Abstract​.

What more will happen during this night is a release party​ at KAFE HÆRVERK! Who will be releasing? Sex Judas! This release​ Sex Judas’s feat. Ricky – Go Down Judas will channelize​ the inspiration taken from comics. So every nerd​ out there this is a perfect fit to see how it is done in a music form. A well worth happening memorabilia! What more during this night is up to you, this was the best of the best of what is being served on Friday in Oslo.

On Saturday you better take it easy and just sit to let Friday sink in whilst the Saturday wears on. Where to do this? On a chill rooftop party by Det Gode Selskab. A rooftop party in the sun with Sandy, Ornella, Tod Louie, Phillip Hinz and Joachim Lutzow as DJs. It is a perfect stretch that will make you meet Monday with an easier mind.

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