Midweek: MusikkFest Edition: The Void, Dattera til Hagen, Jaeger.

Let us all go straight to Saturday – a day there all focus will be on the sound waves! A day that will serve mad stacks of memories for days! Also, a day that is stated to be the national​ day for Music Lovers! So definitely a day that is bringing joy to our heart. One day that is filled with the LOL tears, friendly hugs leading to flirty kisses, hard going​ war that ends with flower-powered​ peace in who owns the space on the dancefloor. A day where you just get​ intuned in what’s on the spotlight of today​’s music!

Where to be?

The Void, Dattera til Hagen and Jaeger. All of them are located in Oslo, Norway. There is no right and wrong time to venture in on these venues. Preferences​ are different between​ us all! But there is a but, if you want to have the bulletproof​ plan why not grab a screenshot​ of this page with the schedules so you have it all on one surface. Yep,​ there is an app for that but who wants to download an app for just one-time​ use. A screenshot​​ holds that fort better there my friend! Holds the fort my friend!

The Void.

11:00-14:00 Surprise acts.
14:00-15:00 Lara Palmer
15:00-16:00 Jerome Winters
16:00-17:00 Sekwent
17:00-18:00 Jokke
18:00-19:00 Frisyro bolani
19:00-20:00 Little miss Lucifer
20:00-21:00 Fredrik Bekkaasen
21:00-22:00 B4B
22:00-23:00 MRD

Dattera til Hagen.

12- Bugge Wesseltoft med Olle Abstract + Siv Øyunn
13-14430 – Mutual Intentions live: Ivan Ave & Dr. Kay + DJ sets
1430-1530 – Skranglejazz DJs
1530 – Joggebukse – LIVE
1600 – Addvibe -DJ
1630 – Sex Judas – LIVE
1700 – Doc L. Jnr. – DJ
1730 – Nauuda – LIVE
1800 – Rashidi – DJ
1830 – Legs 11 – LIVE
1900 – Vibeke Bruff – DJ
1930 – Boblebad – LIVE
2000 – Justin Strauss (NY)- DJ
2030 – Vinny VIllbass
2100 – Thorgerdur
2130 – Jonas Wiik
2200 – G-Ha
2230 – Karl Fraunhofer – LIVE

12:00 Helene Rickhard
12:45 Ja Azz LIVE
14:00 Mutual Intentions (Beats + Live + DJ-set)
18:00 Whalesharkattacks LIVE
18:30 Ost & Kjex LIVE
19:10 Spilt Melk
20:10 Marius Circus LIVE
21:20 Finnebassen LIVE
22:00 Dj Cesi
23:00 Stine Amundsen
00:00 Nils Noa + g-Ha & Olanskii
+ MC Kaman & Hamburger throughout the day.


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