HILL01: Ivaylo.

When you’ve been given, you have been served and that is something to hold on to! Especially when there is a new chapter opened as in HILL. So with that said let us start to dig into the first addition​ that is by Ivaylo. A beginning that felt natural because that man is the man that has been in the crater on​ more than one occasion. If you sit there with your mouth open and wonder who the heck is Ivaylo? Well,​ all you should know is that he represents Bogota Records, Jaeger a renowned club in Oslo where he is the artist manager and podcast host.

Ivaylo is a man that really can be stated as a fluent whilst going deep man. A man that also can be stated as ​rigid, like he just flows the tracks like the tide what is his signature style. Just going in and out on the sound waves.
Just a man that settles a nice enough groove elevation for the crowd. Just like the​ waters that run​ through the crowd and leaves them warm at heart. There is no wonder about that considering his Bulgarian heritage. A country that is down south that reeks of heat waves that are​ on the easy breezy side and a​ clear match with the mix. A match that can be included is that the mix just settles a strong conclusion that this came from the heart. Like as if he counts immensely on the listener. What the listener does. Also,​ it is an honest mix, what a mix should be. Because honesty will always go far. Because honesty will always go far!

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