Mixology Sessions: Axel Bartsch, Zusan, Marlon Hoffstadt.

A week there the mix listening have gone wrong is a week where everything is wrong. So it has been a week with too many thoughts to comprehend and a week with a lot of inspiration that had to be dealt with. It has also been a week where the thoughts have been around a city that still makes a massive impact on the hearts desire, maybe too big. Maybe it is time to pack up my belongings and finally go there. Who knows? Maybe it is time to go deep into that and see if there are holding a greater luck there. Maybe? So with a load like that on the mind, the best is to dig into that city vault to see if we can find stereotypical mixes that match​ that city. Really.

Has it been caught?
Or Maybe it is time to catch that dream to look further​ into​ this city horizon?


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