Midweek: Berlin, Germany.

If this week seems a bit strange it is because we have altered us from the sightings from Oslo, Norway to Berlin, Germany! Where the nights are definitely rolling hard on pushing music. Music that is in fact so outstandingly good. It is without a doubt with this in mind that we are indeed in need of a look around of where to go!

Let’s jump straight to Saturday where the first of all is that you all should try to hit the eternally long line at Berghain. Second of it all,​ before entering​ the line keep in mind that you always need an alternative number two or three for that matters. Alternatives that really stands out and is without a doubt so cool that the rejection at the entry of Berghain will gladly be accepted. So in that case in the upcoming weekend,​ the place to go for is ipse! Where the line up speaks louder than words. If that does not work out you could try to hit Suicide Cirkus there you know that the night will definitely go into sucide mode. Just like the scene in Star Wars – The Force Awakens where​ the Starkiller base gets blown up. If you still think of Berghain again you should know that they have an extraordinary memory even with so many at the door so the chance of getting in is very limited. So the only choice is to go home to sleep and try for the entrance again the following day since they just keep going on until to the last woman or man is standing on Monday. A morning there you will think I stormed this block as a storm trooper. Like a storm trooper!

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