Mixology Sessions: Chris Manura 24h Wohnzimmer Part 1, Distillery Leipzig.

Ever since this mix ventured in through the ears the mix has gotten a heavy rotation, just a deeply, madly, truly heavy rotation! It is just too perfect!
It is just so excruciatingly clean, as in it has no scrubs, no offset in the mixing. Also,​ this guy Chris Manura is also a man that has​ landed on the one to watch radar. Just because this mix is just mental. It gives room for a lot and it gives room for what a mix is made for. A mix made for just one purpose, the purpose on helping a mind through a state of negativity to turn out with a state loaded with positivity!

Another thought is that the mix matches the venue! A venue that never have​ been visited, but surely needs to. Where this mix has been recorded is at Distillery located in Leipzig! From listening to other mixes at the venue it seems like a no brainier that this is a serious place to go for. The venue is located in one of the cities on the outskirts of Berlin that aren’t filled up to the brim with clubbing tourists. It is venturing back to the point when Berlin wasn’t that globally known. So this is a city to go for if Berlin seems too commercialized. On the other side this is a trip that is just one train trip away. So it is easy to go there. If not this is definitely one more for the bucket list!
So one more for the bucket list!

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