Midweek: The Villa, Subsdans, Blå.

Well, yet another raving weekend is upon us! Starting off at by hitting The Villa where it goes straight to the very core as in techno! There it will be a fragmented night with Eivind Volum doing a back to back set with O/E. Certainly this wasn’t it all there is one more, the headliner! Who’s that? That is none other than Dominick Fernow going under the pseudonym Vatican Shadow! A statement about that man is that he can make all rave-up on the wall, like go off​ the hinges and order more than plenty at the bar! Just because there’s​ is a big no-no​ in waiting for what seems like hours to wait when the next time there is a bar situation. So with a further ado,​ this will make the weekend get kicked off with a loud​ bang! So good that the last weekend will stand in the shadow.

Going further on this weekend you all should enter Subsdans – a dance studio located in Grünerløkka on Saturday. There will you get the chance of getting​ the first-hand​ knowledge of​ how it was back in those days when the disco ruled that got overruled​ in the next by getting edited which in fact turned in to house music! Moving closer to the what is happening at the event we will expect a dance battle in Waacking and House Dance. Dance styles that also have emerged from the 70s, 80s, 90s to present time. At this event they have hired in top-rated​ dancers from France and United Kingdom to be the selectors in who to become​ number one. So the level will be high among the dancers that are going to compete. So high that the music geek that tends to go clubbing a lot will sit there in​ total awe! So in Awe!

Moving us into the night we all do not need to move our feet​ that many steps! We’re we going is to the venue by the river, and we are not talking about the place called Ingensteds – or nowhere. We are talking about Blå there Sunkissed will light up the place like a ​gigantic​ sun, well in a huge way! Their headlining act will deliver a live set by ROBOMATIC & THE TRONIX! Who are in the clear essence are they? They are none other than Ost &Kjex with their plus one Robin or is it KSMISK, Robins other alias plus two. Who knows in that clutter! Yep,​ it is getting late in the time writing and sort of a mess so you better go and check it all out for yourself to get it all decluttered. If you thought that this it, no way dudette and dude there are certainly more. You will get the chance of hearing Vinny Villbass, G-HA and Olanskii! If you also thought this is a regular night you better think otherwise because the one mentioned lastly is having his somewhat age birthday so that makes this a mandatory​ event to go for! Really!

So hope you will have a good one there your Monday​ will look like a train wreck up on the wall! Like,​ beat up on the wall!

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