Mixology Sessions: Ivaylo Double Trouble Special.

Well, this is a first but certainly not the last one! Only because the man is high in production and that calls for an Ivaylo Double Trouble special! So indeed a special! What the special is that there are two mixes in a Mixology Session.
Two and that is certainly a special!

Who are Ivaylo?
Ivaylo is the man behind the label Bogota,
artist manager and resident DJ at Jaeger.

About the mixes is that the mixes just delivers a certain coolness in so many different ways. The specific​ setting that clearly stands out is that one is very dub spacy and one is funky. The funky one really states the conclusion that was written in the previous post, that the man is certainly is blessed with funk whilst being fuzzy.

What is so strange about the dub spacy is that Ivaylo goes away from his rigid signature style by a fraction. It also proves that he is trying to reinvent himself – or trying to find new angles of deepness which is his terrain. Anyway,​ it also shows that he is in a mood where​ he finds​ himself working on flow – instead of more changes. What else is that he also goes in to be​ working with different types of grooves. So, in other words,​ it was very danceable​ and refreshing! Very!


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