Midweek: Dattera til Hagen, The Villa, Ingensteds, Jaeger.

Well in a couple of days we are delightfully headed into a smashing weekend.
A weekend for the wanderlust! A weekend for the wanderlust!
The first place to wander about is the cozy Dattera til Hagen where it will be a Badabing going on! Who headlines this edition of Badabing? Legs11!  Who will be accompanied​ by the Badabing residents later on, Vaz and Villbass! Their flair is sort of like, hey this is something we scrambled together and we like you to join us to shake it all up . So we are in for a good one here because​ Fridays​ are indeed for shaking things up. Really shake it all loooose…

More on this night of being wanderlust will be at The Villa! There the crew Blossy will host their first night ever! They are not starting ​soft on the first night of their existance, certainly not! You may wonder who blossy are?  They are Thorgerdur Joanna and A:G – Oslo’s finest​ answer to Ida Engberg and Adam Beyer, so you know what’s that is all about. On the contrary it says a lot of how good their warm up will be because they will be so in sync that they will make the best warm up for their invited guest, Z@P (Phonotheque / Uruguay)! He is now a Berlin based DJ that now have taken a trip to Oslo and to wander of to Berlin when the man is right here is kind of stupid. Also on the contrary so much simpler! Simpler for the wallet as well!

More to mention on the quest of being totally wanderlust is Trus’me at the place that is nowhere, Ingensteds.  Really something that can make you wander of course, just bang of course as in ending up at an after hours somewhere. Until it phases out. Until it phases out.

If you did not wander of course the ultimate goal is to venture your end on the weekend at Jaeger! There you will be met by man that will make you reminince the years of being a teenager. Who that man is the Mr Billboard 1000 McKaman! If you need to go away becuase it started to become too cheesy the best thing is to head downstairs where you will be met by queen DELLA that is supporting yet another queen: Honey Dijon! One combination that will indeed make the venue get steamed up like a sauna. So dress lightly! So dress lightly!

So there you have it your Guide for the Weekend!

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