Mixology Sessions: Skrangleteip 18 – Ivaylo.

It is rare to get to take a journey through a mix that fit the description of the ​mixtape holder persona that also fit the mixer approach to mixing. Just on the dot! Just mindblowing! Who made that mix was none other than Ivaylo. Ivaylo is a man that runs Bogota label, hosts the mixtape series for the club Jaeger there he also manages the artists that are going to perform there wheter they DJ or do live sets.

Walking over to the mix that holds a rigid journey whilst being steady through the tracks. What else is that this mix just reeks of is wavy sounds with its changes of tracks. Like being shifted. Sort of being drifted. Also being on the turf of going deeper than the whales can go. Very deep but not lost for space as well because it got funky. Well,​ that is sort of a key element in house music, because a ​house is not a house if it is not funky. What is being understood completely in this mix, there is no brainer about that because God made him funky and he is thankful for that God blessed him that way! Indeed.

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