Midweek: Filter Musikk, The Villa, Jaeger.

Are we in for a Thrill in the upcoming weekend?
Will it make the last weekend look weak?

Oh heck yeah!

Will it start straight after work on Friday?
Oh heck yeah!

Where will it start?

It will start 18:00 at Filter Musikk – a music equipment and record store! Filter Musikk can be called the most premier record store in Oslo. Filter Musikk can also be that store that will fill the description as the source for all good dance floor activity. So, in other words, a store that is​ being kept close to all local DJs and producers heart.
On this night the label Physical Pattern will become launched, what calls for a definite meet up! Under the launch, it will be a ​couple of live performances by Monodogue and Fangarm. It will also be something there to sip on!
Reckon that will be the perfect start on the night!

So where to head to next?
Well to a place to catch something to eat, dudette and dude!
Can’t go around filthy hungry.
Where to head next after being well fed is The Villa! Where the festivities have been pressed play on! Really on! Who are the ones that are in charge of pushing the buttons: Kamelkollektivet!
Who happens to support yet another collective, Kollektiv Turmstrasse! Double trouble in terms of collectives at The Villa this night.

If this doesn’t float your boat why not walk out from the venue and head over to Jaeger there Detroit based Octave One will deliver a live set. It will fit if you are there around 2 AM because they are rumored to be last on the running order. To embrace​ all sides from going off​ the clock to the end it will feel like the Perfect night!

This was the events that hold​ the title prime time, but there are more.
Heck yeah! On Saturday​ will The Villa strike again with groovy groove holders as in the man that does not need any introduction​, G-HA. ​Just because he holds the fort of being one of the front-runners​ from the early stages to now in promoting house music to the masses! He’s also a jolly good fella so this is​ sure going to be a fussy ​and cozy​ time. Just because on the other end he is an​ inclusive person. So he acts properly under the house rule welcome to the HOUSE! So know you know.

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