Midweek Easter Edition: Jaeger, Elefant, Oslo Camping, Revolver, Ingensteds, Jaeger.

A huge warmheartedly welcome are being sent to a holiday called Easter! A time where​ the body craves a good time to get good energy back into the body. A time there some says that a mountainside​ is the best scenery choice​ to go for, some say​ that a massive walkthrough of​ a mountain-shaped​ audio wave is better! Totally better than a serene one because just some do better with noise. Also just because you think​ that going away is the best option. The downright fact is within this: There is nothing like it to be at home! There is nothing like it to be at home!

So let us tap with our shoes twice and take a plunge into the haven of where to go options! Options that are so far from being lame. They are made for you the stalwart that totally will go into stealth mode. Like gone. Like being totally lost in the hot and wavy sounds…

So the first one will, of course,​ will be at Jaeger with its Untzdag! There their maestro Øyvind Morken have invited Young Marco, Kompressorkanonen, Ravi Brunsvik and Jokubas Bajorinas. They will ensure for​ a great party in the middle of the week as well making sure for a great holiday kick off!

Address: Grensen 9, 0159 Oslo.

Where to go the day after will be Elefant – there will you be met by the great selectors as in, Omar V and Jarle Braathen! They will make sure that you will plunge in some water!

Address: Rådhusgata 25, 0158 Oslo.

Well placed all day in bed on a very long Friday​ because your body swung fore yesterday, but still wants more! Yes more! Why not head down to Oslo Camping there will you get the chance to dance to a set by where Vinny Villbass. A set that will make your body even ​sorer!

Address: Møllergata 12, 0179 Oslo.

If you just thought this wasn’t your doom hole you better be taking your body down to Revolver there MDR is playing – accompanied by O/E. If the ultimate wish was to head down to the industrial place Berlin but couldn’t make it this is so spot on for you because it will be like a tiny taste of that haven! Or in that field in other words.

Address: Møllergata 32, 0179 Oslo.

Saturday is the time of being nowhere, just because that is how things are looking! So why not head down to the place that states that you are indeed nowhere, Ingensteds. A place by the river and a place that is​ really popular. So you have to come early in order of not waiting in the cue on the outside. On this spectacular​ festive day the headlining duo, Superkind will play. Superkind is Finn Bernhard Tellefsen and Kim Dürbeck. Their sound will make sure that your eyes are shaped like​ disco balls​! Literally​.

Adress: Brenneriveien 9, 0182 Oslo

Closing in on the end of the Easter holidays are FOOTFOOD at Jaeger! There is without no understatement that they can accomplish duck sauce maneuver​s at any time​ on the dance floor. No brainier about that one! Along with them in the basement are the crew behind Det Gode Selskab. They will make sure that the walls are steamy! Enough to make you strip.

So there you have it, a way to make you wished you took the other option instead.

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