Track of today: Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me.

Over this weekend there was a there the times rolled in. Rolling into a decade where the Compact Discs ruled the world! In a time when house music was truly great! It had flair. It had that rustic sound. It was also at a time where the music was more thought out and had quality for decades!

Walking over to the track of today with these thoughts at hand we are located in the late 90s, there my collection of compacts discs started to grow. It was also at​ a time there compiled series​ was quite popular. They often had compilations that represented music that was on the way to land the billboard – or already was there. It also was at a time house music had a ​closer connection to its outspring that where disco. It was at a time that house music used a bit more groove and had even more acid take. Also, it was at a time that different electronic music genres seemed to part. It became an even more grown-up​ environment​ for electronic​ music. It even got to even more out of the You Don’t Know Me category! Like Armand Van Helden was…


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