Mixology Sessions: Tronic Podcast 294 with Timo Maas.

For some time have the Tronic podcast by Christian Smith Official series have been following me. A series that really gets me into a better mood. It always drives me forward – and feels like it elevates me enough to make me go. Yes, I know that the series is quite on the progressive side for the less progressed minded, but it​ is a series that truly owns class. So it is a series that are perfect for days where​ the lack of energy is existing​. Also,​ on the other side,​ it is a series that brings quality​ to the table in terms of premier DJs creating mixes. The mix series is​ also the perfect ones for making gray days filled with colors!

So today’s​ mix created by Timo Maas was the mix that exactly did that! Really! One mix that made the entire day feel like a party. Nothing is wrong with that! Just because today have really reeked of a hectic schedule from beginning to the end. Just reeked. So this was the one mix that got me on the right track. So today’s​ splurge made me go off course and with great intentions because it was a good one. It was just what I needed and it just brought my shoulders down. So it was the one that made the entire​ day…

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