Midweek: Jaeger, Gamla, Røverstaden.

Once again! Once again! We are due to hit yet another rough weekend. A weekend that will hit with a familiar bang. Prior to that, it is for the time being on the theoretic ground because that weekend hasn’t even begun yet. Soon in other words!

What will be on the radar first is the ever most recited place, one place that should be a place with a plack on the wall “The Most Revisited”. Jaeger – a place where​ you feel at home. So should it linger from being​ in the writing? No way dudettes and dude! On this night they host DJ Sprinkles that water​s out her stuff out on other territories​ such as Kunsterners Hus earlier the same night. There will she be under her other persona Terre Thaemlitz. Under her performance at Kunsterners hus,​ she presents where her new audio-piece​ “Deproduction”. So this brings the entire night to​ a different hemisphere​ where the soul will get inspiration in more than one way.

If this seems not enough you should enter Gamla – a place slightly down the street from Jaeger. There you will hear Rabalder (Sunkissed) and Bergens finest, Ida Nerbø (DOT Collective). It is a combination​ of the charts – and should not be missed! It should in the highest estate ​not be missed!

The next day the venue of the night are Røverstaden! There will you be met by the Det Gode Selskab on their first label night. Who’s on first to release?
A:G! A:G is an affiliate member of Det Gode Selskab. He is also a man from many other affiliate links such as Uno Mas with their release “Star Wars Dance”, his former crew OsloGround and now with his current crew Blossy.
Who else will play during this night is Karl “Mr Guestlist” Fraunhofer, Tod Louie, Solaris and Dandy Jack (live). One night that will make sure that your next week is​ going to be drenched up in coffee…


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