Track of today: Joris Voorn, Moby – After The After (Original Mix).

Can the Joris Voorn craze just die out you may wonder? Especially when that name has​ gotten a promotion over and over again on this site as of late?

Just won’t do.

It surely​ has​ become a Joris Voorn theme from the time he was announced to play at fabric in London this year to now. So the after the after effects are sure to be good. It seems to have landed me to where I am headed! So On the other side, ​the realms England, or in fact London was calling! Oh yes indeed​ Calling. It has also caused a massive wave of getting over to New York again. A city that Moby has​ had his fair share of nights in because it’s the place of his upbringing. It is also a city that has​ been his influencer since day one. What can be seen in his craftsmanship​! So the track of today sums it all up real nice. In a way that resembles​ the latest thought. I sure need to visit Amsterdam. A city that holds the label of the track of today which are in fact Rejected​. The track of today is actually a rework so the track before was entitled just “After” taken as the label describes itself taken from the American stalwarts tenth studio album, Destroyed. An album that resides with a plethora of remixes and remix packages through the Little Idiot label. This track has also a blend of club sensibility with rolling bass and punchy beats. A track that has got plentiful of dancefloor-funk and it shines through that the Dutchman is instilling his unique feel. Transferring the base away from its darkness towards to the light and airy landscape. Underlying is with subtle melodies and progressive keys that have​ been created purposefully throughout the track. All there to deliver a party with an outcome of keeping you dancing you dancing After the After!

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