Mixology Sessions: Drums.

Over the latest week, ​there has not been any mix that has​ stood out. There has been only been just tracks. Strange. It just can be a phase – or just be the fact that something has completely changed. Completely. Something that can be looked at as a good thing. What else​ that has been on over the latest week is tracks from an ​album that used to mean the world’s existence​ for me. Maybe it is because of ​the drums. Maybe the time has come to get deep in the different genres drum system to understand the whole essence of what makes a mix beat match. First out that has taken its toll on the ears are the BigBang – Girl In Oslo. A creation that has certainly the flair of being called a classic. Just a marvelous classic. It is supreme.

What else over the latest week is the track that made me fall in love with electronic music. Like the one that still gets heavy rotation. What track that track​ is the first track that made me fall in love was “Think Twice” by Ralph Myrez and The Jack Herren Band. Just literally!

Drums can be found in rock, electronic and pop. Basically​ everything. Also the most important instrument. If not there would not be any beat matching what means no mix. No mix no party. No party no life! So, therefore we should surender it all right now. Right now to join the party instead.


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