Midweek: Elefant, Oslo Camping, Jaeger.

Clear your schedule! Clear your schedule here is the better to have at hand! So good that they are bound to make your last weekend look totally weak. Totally will make the last weekend look weak. The venues you will find these killer options at are Elefant, Oslo Camping & Jaeger.
The first to hit is Elefant there you’ll find Terje Sæther, Robert Solheim, Dinky, Of Norway and Fredrik Bekkåsen. They’ve all been working on the EP that goes under the name Tres Hermanas. The night is the release! So the great fortune is at hand when it comes down to release at Elefant when an elephant is known to bring luck. So there will be no problem to get this EP out of stock. No problem!

The second is Oslo Camping there will you find Hercules and love affair play! They are no newbies at killing the floor. They killed it with “My house” in one go back in 2010 – and the year of 2010 was a good year in terms of killers. “My house” will always be a track that can be certified as a classic. Real classic. What else it became the most used track in DJ sets back in the days of release. So this is clearly a night that will be in order. Also from this venue hopping it clearly states that it will be an in with the new and outed with the old.

The third option is Jaeger – and the Nightflight enrolment. There the headliner of the night is Culoe De Song and to accompany him will be Coltsfoot. From experienced​ observations, ​Culoe De Song will serve a genuine and great set. Just magnificent. Coltsfoot which in fact are also a​ SUNKISSED resident is an​ equally​ worthy experience. Culoe De Song is​ also a dash of roots when his roots are rooted way down south on the African​ continent. A continent​​ that is known its jembe drum and the dance style djazze. So it will get rooted down hard. Back to basics. Back to the roots. Back to ​life again…


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