Introduction: About last night!

About last night is the Ultimate survival guide after a wet night out!

In order to survive, you have to understand the basics of what alcohol does to your body.
Also, on the other hand, the best way to survive is to follow the grease. It will help. Also, it will help with​ everything. So let’s crack on with the best first thing in the survival guide.

Drink Plentiful of Water.
Not just one glass.
A plethora​ of glasses.

Drink them whilst drinking alcohol it will level out the alcohol level. It will also help in​ on getting rid of toxins. It sure will. It will also keep your skin moist. Alcohol dries you​ out the ​body and the skin are the largest organ the body have so you have to take care of that.

Next week we will go on to​ the next thing.
Step by step we will have a large list worthy to set up a survival guide.


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