Facsimile: One time at Output, New York, USA.

What happens when you revive your New York stay in London. What happens when you just revive it all you just have to go through it all over again. Especially now when that night is so in the present. A night that successfully became a night that will follow the course of the life. If so it might have been a total waste of time.

Who played during that night was Robag Whrume. It was in the beginning very quite – and around four everything started to melt away. In a way that I totally forgot about Norway and where I came from. It made so much effort to​ escalate appreciate the power of music. It was in a time where​ things were​ troublesome. It was so much going on.

What I remember the most during that stay was the outlook of things and their interior​. It was with pitch black walls, a lot of staircases and fireplaces. It was a mansion without being tacky what American interior can be like. It was also with a lot of peoples. Some of them stood on railings, some of them stood on barstools and some of them like me on the floor. It was a night where​ I drank Sapporo​’s like I was the whole the bar hopping drinking team. The music was Hilariously​ good! It is like it is still shaking my body up. Real good. Like going straight to my inner core​ good.

I still remember that I got lost on​ the streets of New York from the moment I left the building​. I was that dope.


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