#LavaOfTheVoorn edition!

In the present time there is a Joris Voorn at Fabric haze going on. An severe one! A truly madly deeply one! One that truly have sat its mark on my usual #LavaOfTheWeek post. So this Monday it is #LavaOfTheVoorn! Yep! It is not truly barking mad when you feel the love sweating down your spine. Until you stand there with nothing but your naked self. It is nothing wrong about that. It is a good enough reason to rule that further on! It sure are true. It sure are true.

Why the love for the Joris Voorn has gotten so huge is because he just blends genres so seamlessly. He also puts a grave deal of force between the acidic sounds and the newer more steril sounds. Old and the new mixed together in perfect harmony. In the clear essence he sure can do a walkover from House Music to Techno Music without any fuss. Nothing more than that.

Fun facts that truly sets its mark on why I love Joris Voorn is that his birth year 1977. It is in fact the year that the saga Star Wars was released on screen. It was a good year in other words. It truly sets so many levels in his upbringing. Which can be stated as an organic turning industrial. Just because back in the 70s everything was not steel cut as now. So to just leave it right there with that thought we are digging into his crate…

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