Midweek: Elefant, Jaeger, Skippergata.

Over this weekend I am well out of town being an explorer, traveler and an adventurer. So in the light of that here is a menu of venues that you can certainly find amusing!

Friday is all about going large! So Elefant will be the best choice. The line up for that night are the homeboys Christian Rot, Mike Magler & Eric Small. So step upon it! If this aren’t twisting your toes enough just walk over to their neighbour Jaeger there the night has already begun to elevate to a decent level. During this night Aurora Level (US) will do a live set and Dr. Rubinstein will (Germany) will DJ. It will truly be a good one. If you keep hang around at Jaeger until closing time you will sure hear their residents as well. Just to withdraw two of them that’ll be G-Ha and Olanskii. They are sort of celebs. Celebs that may make some effort in drenching you out of energy. So you will sleep good. If that is not the case and you wake up with heavy amount of energy. Heavy enough to make your feets go ballistic you probably should hit Skippergata. A venue located in the actual street Skippergata. During this night there is a crew consisting of DJ Snorre Magnar Solberg, DJ K² and the collective SYNC JAM represented by Robin Crafoord, Sannergata and Mischa Mathys. All of them have created an ode to celebrate the infamous creation Roland 303 synth. One peculiar event that definitely will get you raving on. Until it will make you lay all day in bed and in vain thinking: Bastard! Yet an another Monday is totally ruined. Yet an another…

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