Midweek: Monument, Freadag, Badabing.

You know when you are over-ecstatic that Wednesday has splurged to its arrival. A day that is welcomed with open arms just because the weekend is just around the corner. Just around the corner. It all is allocated to the fact you know that you probably are going out. On the contrary with the weekend being so close you are in vain based on the fact:

Your inbox is filled to the brim with invites! Stacks of them in other words. It seems to land you a proper luxury problem that can cause a timelapse that lasts until the last minute of closing the venue. So henceforth that fact here is a shortlisted list that you can opt out of!

Firstly here is the list for Friday!



“Monument returns to Oslo with a premier club night at Blå. For this special occasion, we have invited Italian Neel, one half of Voices From The Lake – and one of the finest techno DJs of the past decade.”




Brenneriveien 9c, 0182 Oslo.


Freadag Invites Call Super and Burnt Friedman. 

“Frædag is Jæger’s window to the world. A club night, that brings some of the biggest and infamous international DJs to a small capacity venue in the heart of Oslo. A place where we dance with reckless abandon to some of the most cutting-edge electronic music over two immense Funktion One sound systems and a late night courtyard with a guest list selected by Oslo’s purveyors of good taste, G-Ha & Olanskii. This week’s guest is Call Super and Burnt Friedman.”




Grensen 9, 0159 Oslo

Going over to Saturday – and the last option!



“PEREL [LIVE] (dfa records)

German Perel played at the same house party as Vinny Villbass in New York a few years ago and has since become a well-known name for Badabing in Oslo. Now she releases igu albums on the legendary new york company DFA. We’ve got a sneak preview and it sounds completely gold!!

She already has a taste of what you have to expect, a 12-inch vinyl on DFA, which the one and only Dixon played to pieces last year.

We threw ourselves around and invited her to play LIVE in the basement at Jaeger. We are looking forward to this !!!

Before and after, there will be a rhythmic two-team with Vaz & Villbass.

See you on the dance floor!”




Grensen 9, 0159 Oslo

Well with the promoter’s word in hand and mine you can expect a downright hard Monday. Try not to sue me. Try not to sue me!



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