Facsimile: One night at Jaeger.

What happened during the night when the blog HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA was born were something truly remarkable. To this date, that night has not left my mind. It has not left my body, mind, and soul at all!

It was born in a place called Jaeger that I truly madly deeply can state as my go-to place. Even when I bring this up I still remember the first opening day. It was great because it has been a place that has been molding me into the person I am today. A place where I have had a plethora of cheerful times. A place that has been a place where I have found greater therapeutic help represented by the power of the staggering growth of DJs. A place where the nutcase as I am have had the chance of getting steam out. So a lot of thank yous will have to be made!

At Jaeger sipping a beer whilst taking some fake air. Whilst wearing the madness Ich Liebe Techno. It was taken by a photographer that thought I was German. Publication: Natt og Dag.

Venturing over to the night the name HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA – we have to enter the night that Miguel Campbell played. It was in a talk that the name came up – and the first edition was HOUSE MUSIC IS HOT AS LAVA. In the first draft, it sounded like great but it was too long and it was sort of inspired by the label Hot Creations. It lacked the proper meaning of what this blog has. It had the clear essence, but not the abstractness that the house music own. It lacked flair. The development kept on going until it hit large that the blog should be named HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA.

Yep! It has been the blog who have had the held longest running time among all of my blog creations. It will always be the one – and the only one. It will turn 6 years this year! I am mighty proud of all of my accomplishments. They will follow me for so many years to come. Also what I can look back on.

Right now the future is uncertain of this will be a blog that is existing. So let us keep on keeping on in the moment. A moment that sets you into the sky. A sky there all feelings of the negative kind evaporates!

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