#LavaOfTheYear2017: TOP DJS!

2017 was a year that I found love, real love for something greater than my self. A year that grooved me forward with some hits and misses in between. A year that transformed me to become a better version of my self. What was the creator of this was the music. The music that truly made a stand that this is the true fate for you. A fate I have taken years to accept wholeheartedly! A year that truly changed a mindset. A mindset that went from being a downright negative to become a positive with the outcome that thinks I can do this! I truly can! It took five years! Five hard years! On the other side it can be a good thing to use long time to create a space – or a house because the foundation will be rock solid. A foundation that will last for years.

Also this year proved that love is worth fighting for just because love will conquer all. Sometimes it have felt like a failure not to succeed. Sometimes it have felt like it is a milestone to have gotten deeper into what I always will cherish and care for the rest of my life. It is just have taken time to really understand that music is my life. That I will travel the world for. It landed me on journeys to Paris, Berlin, Munich and Bergen this year. A journey that stand out is the Munich/Berlin tour – there everything changed. Everything! One venue that started this process was Mixed Munich Arts. A venue that had the purest techno aesthetics ever seen. It just was so extremely clean cut.
A venue that I gave my heart willingly to in five minuets flat. I gave it from dusk to dawn. It was not the reason that I had to go to Munich, but it became the ultimate reason. It was in that venue that truly made me forget about troubles that I have tried for years to mend.

Fil 29.12.2017, 13 48 48

One thing lead to an another and for the first time I felt from that moment on that everything changed. It gave me a hand to get into every place that I have dreamt for years to encounter. It also made sure that it did not stop there! It just made me go into a strike. A strike that dazed on for 15 glorious days. One place that made me go in limbo and could hold me as a captive forever was of course Berghain. I am glad that I got accepted on the second attempt. I will forever hold that stay close to my heart. A thing that can be remarked is that it sure have hardened me.

One other thing that made everything great this year was the documentary Northern Disco Lights. It started a massive wave around the country. It shows that Norwegian DJs and producers got game. Game to make the annual event Music day to a yearly spectacle. One day there it shines through with the message that Norway still got groove for the years to come! So an affair with the beyond boarders are in order once in a while but there is nothing like home. Nothing is like home when there are new events appearing such as Under the Bridge. An event that truly are for everyone. It paved way for getting things to do on events because there was a wall and painting set to use. It shone through to land this as a feast for the eyes! So it was well balanced.

What more holds the forth as the best of this year was the The Void party at somewhere. It truly sat its peak for what could have been if the closing times got regulated to match the European standard. In other words it felt like being in Berlin but it was in fact in Oslo.

So let us crack on with the main attraction:
TOP Djs 2017! A list that sums up who wholeheartedly roasted enough to become number one!
So the verdict is in!

Inbound Bookings:

Mr. Scruff – Jaeger

One that ruled them all. One that truly did that was none other than Mr. Scruff. Yes this comes as a shocker in terms of relations to Kerri Chandler, but what comes in the defense of that is that Mr. Scruff delivered a set that walked through so many genres. So there is needless to say why Mr. Scruff ruled that is all!

Kerri Chandler – Jaeger
Derrick May – Jaeger
Blade and Beard – Jaeger
Mood II Swing – Oslo Camping.
Magda El Bayomi – Garage Bergen
Carl Craig – Jaeger
Sigha – Jaeger
Karenn – Jaeger
Anja Schneider – SommerØya
Rødhåd – SommerØya
Guillianov Lomonte – The Villa
Answer Code Request – Jaeger
Rudy Empress
Frankey & Sandrino
Vera – Jaeger
Leon Vhynehall – Jaeger
Mike Q – Revolver
Daniel Bortz – Jaeger
DJ Seinfeld – Sunkissed
Massi – Jaeger
Mayer – Jaeger
Vril – Jaeger
Karina – Jaeger

Residents Outbound:

Ida Nerbø – Garage, Bergen

A woman that in just two years have mastered to deliver sets that are so clean and without fuss on the same time. Yes there are others, but this lady have already played in Hong Kong. That’s far out!

Simon Opitz – Garage, Bergen
Urhaug – Garage, Bergen



His passageways through variations have altered his style to become more well put. This shows that he works relentlessly on his crafts! Also he will be stated as a man that can be called as music.

Vinny Villbass

Will become the number two because his task to serve the best haiku challenge ever. A haiku that was served in Norwegian will be the deepest lyric ever served in my writing history. It paved way for more reflection of what music is. It got the creation around:

Fabric 11: Swayzak –

Elven far

Trær lauge åt

I kosmos

In English:

River go

Trees sway on

In cosmos

Daniel Vaz
DJ Strangefruit
Thorgerdur Jóhanna
Roland Lifjell
Marius Sommerfeldt
Tod Louie
Tony H
Omar V
Charlotte Bendiks
Peter Celius
Oskar Pask


Roman Flügel – Mixed Munich Arts

A well curated affair that went from midnight to daylight.

Etapp Kyle – Mixed Munich Arts
Joy Orbison – Mixed Munich Arts
Cobosil – Berghain
Magda El Bayomi – Suicide Circus
Mr C. – Suicide Circus
Axel Bartsch – Suicide Circus
Miss Mallory – Suicide Circus



A well delivered set from a man that do not socialize his craft on online platforms. So this was a day he went over the time limit! Enough to make remarks to this day.

Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda.
Headless Horseman
Karl Fraunhofer
Ost & Kjeks
Mungolian Jet Sets

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