#LavaOfTheWeek – Understanding series vol II: Structures.

Earlier this year there were an Understanding Series in progress. It is time to draw up the second one of the year! Oh yes! This time we are going over to the classical music section because it needs to be explained. On the other hand why not because it is connected to the House and Techno Music genres. Just because classical music will always be reckoned as the earliest version of House and Techno. Also this is an outcome of what happened in Oslo couple of weeks ago there I attended a concert by Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra with the agenda to be performing the music from the motion picture – the Star Wars saga. There was no doubt in mind that this was a concert that rose to the top. It was because this was a perfectly conducted execution. Just high level.
What this has got to do with the Understanding Series volume II you will understand everything in the last week. This week we will begin with structures!

So let us begin with the obvious implemented example that are the Star Wars saga. A saga is a story told in several parts to be seen and acts as one. What the Star Wars saga is also is all about science. As some of us know – but not all know is that science is all about system. Therefore are the best known – and obvious chart system called the Periodic Table of Elements. This table charts every elements in firm, liquid and firm. This table has nothing to do with music but is settles an understanding that music have equally the same amount of elements. What else science holds a close relation to is calculus. Math in other words. It is the numeric way to set structure. What in fact music reeks with a staggering amount of! No exaggeration there – and this is what house and Techno music are deeply connected to. The best calculus form for these genres are the matrix. A matrix is the same pattern over and over again. It changes if there are an applied vector change. In a techno or house track this will change the sounds. Also it changes the way the sounds are going. It means every by every 16th beat there is a vector change. If you have followed the explanation of this it means that there is a change in the matrix. To follow this form will make all of the elements fall into perfect order – just like a matrix put into motion. In motion. Like a Periodic Time Table of being lost in sounds.


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