Midweek: Jawn Rice.

Here is the only Itinerary for the weekend! An itinerary that are centered around the only stop that are at Kulturhuset this following Saturday. There the headliner Jawn Rice is in focus! Jawn Rice are an affiliate member of the Mutual Intentions clique. Jawn Rice is without understatement holds one of the strongest production of this year. So good that it is reckoned to land on DJs lists that live beyond the Norwegian boarders. An statement that are made without exaggeration. So this night are good for the wanderers with lust! That soaks up the unknown that truly delivers great productions! A review of that was made couple of weeks ago – and after to have yet encountered it yet again. It is a track that cast a tight flow like the feeling of being on a beach there the wave are going in and out from the shore side. On the other hand it cast the feeling of being on a warm Island with the umbrella drink in the hand. So in the essence of this is that the Jawn Rice night are the perfect weekend to explore. Just because you have probably have heard the same DJs over and over again. So this will sure be a great to be experiencing the craftsmanship in action. It truly will…


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