Track of today: Kym Mazelle – Young Hearts Run Free.

Well the other day I watched Titanic – a movie that have been watched so many times on repeat to that extent of having the script memorized. Just because of the fact that on the time of release there was a severe teenage crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. A crush to that extent of having all four walls in the bedroom plastered with posters from teenage magazine. Some from the movie Titanic – some from one of his other movies such as the movie Romeo and Juliet. In that movie there was a soundtrack that have stuck to my mind that truly can be stated as a classic, just because it is. The lady behind that track was the truly wonderful Kym Mazelle that had a membership in British group Soul II Soul. A group with the track creations such as “Back to Life” and “Keep On Movin'”. Two tracks that are equally classics as the track “Young Hearts Run Free”. A classic without any understatement. It was after all yet an another Leonardo DiCaprio movie. So overall the teenage crush was that severe that you had to explore everything. The track was Young Hearts Run Free was on early repeat – and now 21 years later it still got periods of being on repeat. This track is an assassin just because it can deliver dancing under the disco balls. It just can break up the floor in exploding way. It sure can get turn everybody loose and make everyone run free. It sure can stated as a cliffhanger down the line. If it is mixed in that way. It can also be blended with other genres – and can be seen as a fusion track. There is nothing cheesy about this track. The cheesiest said here is that I had a teenage crush on Leonardo DiCaprio….

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