Mixology Sessions: Hiroyuki Arakawa live set @ ever (Aoyama Tokyo).

For some reason the old vault of collected mixes have been taken out. It seems to go through some sort of renewal – and it is truly great to experience them once again. The memories that flies in also sets its peak towards where the next sought out destination goal will be, Japan! That destination have been a long time dream to be visiting with its euphoric nerd haven. This comes especially from when this set was posted years ago. It sure have that futuristic tech sound without sounding too bluntly cheesy. It just do have a sound that truly delivers for days – even years obviously. So it lingers a hope to get the chance of meeting the man in charge of this mix. It sure have sat the dance floor on fire because it thrived for that – just because it did not make the listener bored. Some DJs do bore but this sure never relaxes in beat per minute. The detailing is of the charts alluring and feels like a dragon that moves who spits fire. It is no wonder about that assumption when the creator are placed in a country there that is being mystified. Also on the other side the Japanese peoples have always been lightyears ahead in everything such as culture studies, fashion, music, philosophy, technology and science.

The mix in total is not 100 percent perfect but it sure have the correct outline of a symphony should consist of as in shift in gears, shift in direction and clear voyage. That in total makes a stand on why this is a man that thinks outside of the box. Even settles an on the contrary because it was his first set ever posted on SoundCloud. So it includes everything. So with that said this is one of the best set ever listened to.

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