Track of today: Solium – Paris Calling.

The track of today is a secret that I have kept for myself for so many years that it feels as of today really hard to share. It has a meaning for me in other words. Why I do not know, but for some reason that track truly reeks of what is totally me in every way. It is minimal, deep, simple, sleek and really of the charts flowing. It feels like Paris – a city that is so grand to that extent of making the track more messy is a big no-no. Paris is a city that I hold deeply going bonds to. It sure do feel that I should have taken more time to take in the whole atmosphere there instead of Berlin. On the other hand Paris is a city that is without understatement harder to get a grip on. Just because the artists in that city do not care for promotion as the artists in Berlin do. Maybe that is a good thing to that extent that the track of today nudged back in my memory. What I felt when I found it six years ago that this is an of the charts classic track. A track that also have that sound that everybody went for in that time being. One track that also feels as though it doesn’t calls for more explanation. Just because this calls for going back to Paris…

2 thoughts on “Track of today: Solium – Paris Calling.”

    1. No bother! If didn’t get notified on this I wouldn’t return back to this outlet of mine as know as the blog. So thanks is in return!


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