Stylegroover: Merry Go Berghain.

What do you get if you want to implement the feeling this is my church, this is where I heal my hurts? You get the Merry Go Berghain sweater!

A sweater that are made to odd match the feelings that you have on the dance floor. What is a jolt of excitement and explosion that melts your anger, sadness, depression, frustration away. Severe enough that really makes you to “Merry Go Berghain” in the black attire. So the sweater represents is an answer to the feelings refrained here; a jolt of excitement and explosion!
Just because on the much more personal level the fact of dealing with them – and getting them fixed through music have been the best therapy of all times. It has even beat down the 8 years of going to the shrinks office. So this sweater represents that – and it is perfect to slouch down in there everything are much more fuzzy. Rolling over to the use of Berghain – and that use is bound up this conclusion: Berghain worldwide reputation is a fascinating study – and with their bouncer rejecting a lot of people and their need of music therapy is astonishing. Also because this nightclub has ceased to get the title as the uttermost iconic nightclub of all times. It is a myth. So going deeper in the essence of this is that everybody on their music therapy journey should feel happy – and iconic as Berghain also over Christmas holidays.

skjermbilde 2017-10-23 19.48.59Merry Go Berghain – Shop!


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