Foodgasm: Stirred Up!

It is Friday night and you want to Fire it up! Why not go for a Stir Fry wok? It is good for the belly as well to give you energy because it is packed with nutrients for days. I have noticed it ever since I started to binge down on it. The wok have worked wonders in other words. Also it is an easy peasy dish to do – and also yummy for the tummy.

What I used is leeks, bamboo, bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, kale, soy chunks from Astrid & Aporna. If you do not have the exact brand why not go for a similar “meat” supplement. To this I added noodles. It all was Fried in a Vegan stir fry sauce with more tamari blend to get it elevated. It all came together and sure did was the best wok of all times. Also it game-changed my meal planning. It sure did…

How to!

Just finely chop up the veggies fry them.
Add sauce.

Minuets to prepare?


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