Midweek: Oslo World Music Festival x Jaeger.

Well are you in for a three course dinner? Are you? It will be dinner served with tasty food for your feets coming from all over the world. A dinner with severely sweet, toasty and roasted sounds. It will be served at one place only – and that place only is Jaeger.

They are starting this three course dinner with the infamous Derrick May – a man that do not need any introduction for the well known. The only thing that you need to know is that he brings Detroit to the table. That city holds the origin of Techno Music. So this may be a Good start for you that do not know anything at all. Because the entire night will serve as a history lesson – and it will set perspective onwards in understanding the music.

Well going furter on this three course dinner we are entering the second night there we are setting the table for not only one – we are setting it for a lot more. So it will be guarantied a fusion to be reckoned with! Who will be the highlight of this course is HVL (Gigi Jikia) and Kvanchi (Tornike Kvanchi)! A duo that holds relations to BASSIANI. A label and a nightclub in Tbilisi – the main capitol of Gerogia, Eastern Europe the country – and not the state in United States of America. Just to make that outstandingly clear! So with that clarifying tone this will the puncher of the course. Especially hard driven when the Eastern European nightlife are known for being hard hitting.

Are you full –
and your stomach beat after the sessions on the dance floor?
Need time to digest? You got no time because the last course is around the corner!

The last course is by Blade & Beard – a duo that are coming from Tehran, Iran. This dessert will make you head for water because it will burn in your mouth. As well as giving you a well worthy end on the three course dinner. It will end with being filled with memories that will sit in the body as well as in the mind.

Adress: Jaeger Oslo, Grensen 9, 0159 Oslo.

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