Couch Ventures: Epic Movie Marathon.

Yep You went out yesterday and you are tired as hell! Trying to find out on what to do today whilst being plastered on that seat? Look no further!

Couch Ventures are a new short time period column in the universe of HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA. A really abstract name for all matters that belongs to the house music – and its cultural lifestyle.

First of the many things that you can venture on the couch is the epic movie marathon. So here’s a selection of few that will last for the entire day – just because they really do.

The fist one is a Star Wars marathon. A marathon that will last not in fact the entire day, but two days – or even a week. That universe is so immensely large that it will seem to land one week. If you are on a constant party this is the best solution for you.

The second one is a Lord of the Rings marathon – a marathon that is much nicer on the time frame and a marathon that are sort of not the extreme on the eyes. In fact it is a dreamy one for the eyes with all the good looking actors.

Thirdly and the last one on this roll of suggestion is Harry Potter – and the one that are suitable with children. If you have any. It’s the one that really repeats itself and really will make you want to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can choose them all – or go with a few selected. I would go for the last four.


If all these suggestions are looking that it belongs in the geek department your thoughts stand correct. The outcome on choosing these kinds of movies is that they really can make your brain work better. Alcohol kills brain cells so the best way is to work the brain to the point of getting it altered. Also it is a known fact from experience that movies that work on your imagination – and will make it relax. So this Epic Movie marathon will make wonders from now on.

If you do not own the movies you can easily rent them online – in Google Play and iTunes. It is that easy peasy!


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