Foodgasm: Beet Burger!

Over this year Fridays have been the days for the memory lane that still be getting a plethora of good ones. It will get boring to keep reciting all of them – and I reckon that the best thing is to close down the column Facsimile for a time, just to build up the vault again. So the thought came to mind today is to go with something that is mandatory for everybody to consume, food. Yes, food! In this case Vegan food – and there’s no wonder about that when there will soon be a two years anniversary there I have eaten a Vegan diet.

The Vegan diet has totally been a game changer for me – and it keeps on changing everything in my way. I will not go in deeper details about that. Also in clear essence I’m not here to start change everything in your way. I am here to make clear that we are now placed in the midst of a time there we need to start care for the earth. So the best thing according to that situation is to eat green. Yummy green food that will make you thrive for more sessions on a dance floor in a club. A heads up if you go all the way; Please Accept the fact that you have to binge up in order to have the belly stacked up. A Vegan eat more – and more means several portions. On an another note a Vegan diet will drench all the toxins coming from alcoholic beverages. You will also feel that you need to hit the toilet more than ever. Other than that you are Crazy – Sexy – To – Cool – For – School! So let us binge into a good foodgasm from now on. Starting with a Beet burger!



One Beet.
One cup of Chick peas.
One half cup of Flour.
1 TBS of four spices of choice.

Mine were:

Smoked Paprika.


Chia seeds.

How to?

First you place the rinsed Chick peas in a food prosessor with spices and the beets. Grind them to a shredded form – and the trick here is to not make it become too swooshed up. A totally liquid form will ruin the steps further on.
Use a spatula to empty the food prosessor, try to get it all out. Once that is done you can add the flour – and the Chia seed binder. How to make the binder is easy you just take two large tablespoons of Chia in a small bowl and add water – and set to side. It’ll start to expand and form the consistency of an egg – this is best to do before you start it all. Once you have whipped this together you let it cool down in a fridge for about 45 minuets. In that time you can prepare the rest that you like to that burger. Also you can figure out what to wear for the night out as well. If you lack time just place it in a freezer for about 25 minuets. This step will settle it better for the next step – that is the last step as frying it in a pan. First form a ball then squeeze it flat – and let it be fried on both sides for about 4 minuets. Once that is done – the time has come to make the burger, then eat! Eat the beet burger that will beat out the toxins that have attacked your liver for years! Years!

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