Mixology Sessions: Ivaylo.

There’s nothing like a returning customer that wants more of the good stuff. There’s nothing like it!

This also shows a truly unique bond between the customer and the service that is being served. In this case this week session is about Ivaylo – the label manager of Bogota records, Jaeger resident and care taker of the inbound DJs that are appearing in the headline of the same venue.

Enough said let ut walk over to the mixes that have recently been made there’s no question about that the Ivaylo that I heard the first time is not the same Ivaylo that I know now. His style are seemingly still on the rigid side and still on the ever changing vibe. Mixing wise he is still so damn good that he can be described as music. Going deeper into this it is truly wonderful to experience an ever deeper Ivaylo when he goes into a techno music blend but – and this mix sets him out. His take on techno are still very rooted into being deep. So this mix did its trick because still on this day this mix are really lurking back in the head. It seems to be one of his thoroughly mixed mixes. Going over to the more chilled house music mix – it seems to be yet an another encounter there the mix needed to be replenished twice. First just listen it through to see how it – and second get the details. The detailing in this this seems to get him higher ranked in terms of variations in types of music. These mixes shows also that he is not afraid of stepping out of his own comfort zone what a DJ should always do. Always change – and always push furter. That is why these two mixes sets him aside to be making him solid steel. Always.

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