Midweek: Magda El Bayoumi, Urhaug, Ida Nerbø, Simon Opitz.

Last Week Reeked of Oslo Runway to the point of landing me yet again in the middle of that sirkus all over again.
Whereas this week there’s an another sirkus in a familiar setting. What is being on the topic is the clubbing nights! Who are the only one that steals this week attention are the Bergen based: DOT Collective! They have booked Magda El Bayoumi that reared of a great ending on my stay in Berlin. That went of in the Berlin based club Suicide Sirkus. One ending that can be called off the charts good! Only because on another note it could be easy to forget causing the ventures to these venues that were located in two cities such as Munich:
Mixed Munich Arts, Rote Sonne, Harry Klein. Berlin: Berghain, Tresor, Club Der Visionaere and as stated Suicide Sirkus. Connected with a train trip. It could have happened all over again if the train tickets were placed but with the lack of money in the present time it cannot be done. Even with my obsessive state over this Music – and clubbing scene. It could have been so obsessive to the point of placing the comfiest walking shoes on and started walking from Oslo to Bergen. That is in the largest explanation why all everybody Bergen based peoples should hit this! Yep this is one of the first Midweek’s that have been digging deep into the vault of sirkus experiences.

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