Track of Today: Subzero – Ben Klock.

All countries have the same constructional system that changes everywhere you go. In alignment there are changes. If you have for once surfaced your self in Germany you will meet the changes yet again.

There a building starts at zero and build itself downwards – and upwards. Where the basement are subzero, zero is the street plan and the first floor is number one. An observation self-experienced and can be resembled in the track Subzero by Ben Klock (Genre: Techno Music). All of these observations are implemented in the deeper experience of listening to this track over this weekend. To plot that experience recently experienced there – the only way is to go subzero in your own thoughts – or in a better context, feelings. If the environment are on point like a depression – or in a much more clearer sense, dystopian. You are constantly in a prison – you fight your self up and you fight your self down. You are in a constant movement. There you just feel like you are in a sterile and unpleasant environment. A basement is like that. Always. A basement resembles in this the feeling of being Subzero. Always being under zero. Always being subzero.


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