Midweek: SUNKISSED Boat Trip.

With no further ado I hereby give you the Only thing that You should experience this weekend:

Sunkissed Boat Trip!A trip You should Not sleep on getting the tickets to because the tickets are going faster out of the box office than they are going into the box office, if you got my point. One event that are stated to be the one Supreme Highlight of the year. A highlight there everybody shows up for a good time – and an event there everybody shows everybody that are being entitled in the soundtrack of the boat trip:

Robin S – Show Me Love!

A track that can also be stated as the entitled signature track of the entire venture as well. It has that repetitive effect and it has been played every year on the way back to the Harbour. No kidding! An event that are most likely to be the one event that brings the creme de la creme to the event. The event have the impactful settlement of being an every year adventure placed in the calendar for good. So in a manner of Henceforth:

Dress up in your best native outfit and make your way to the boat this Saturday! Just do!


Time: 15:00 – 20:00.
Location meet up: Vippetangen, Oslo, Norway.

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