Track of today! Drumcode Radio Live – Nick Curly.

Yesterdays hero have gotten yet an another page turn, only because yesterday there was some massive mixes the ears got to appreciate.

So the Track of today are holding a special such as a mix that are in this week spotlight. It made today so good – and cast a certain charm on a workload that seemed hard to get replenish. So just because the mix in total is well driven – and driven to perfection. Authored by: DRUMCODE.

A cool grooving concept, excellent label, swell radio station, curbs the enthusiasm for days club event and so much more. The curbing enthusiasm for days club evening serves the best of the best DJs. There is no wonder about that when this mix are made to perfection. It serves a concentration – and are bound to cause when Nick Curly is behind the decks. It sure does a lot and gets the movement into place. It also feels like that this also makes the body house – and keeps the body rigid. Rigid enough to make the body go into an trance. A symbiotic relevance when this are a placed in the techno genre. These facts as knowledge goes out to the listener that do not know much about this music – or about house and techno genre as whole.

Photo: Unknown.


Nick Curly:
Origin: Mannheim, Germany.
Album: Between The Lines (Bonus Edition), Piano In the Dark, MER
Record labels: Defected, Cocoon Recordings, Plastic City, Cécille Records, ITH Records, 8Bit
Nominations: DJ Award for Best Tech House, DJ Award for Best Breakthrough, DJ Award for Best Deep House.

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