#LavaOfTheWeek: Curled Up.

Too many Blue Moons that lead to a Blue Monday?

There are no good rule to call in sick prior to that Blue Monday, Never! So on the contrary the best way to fuel your body is with good music that makes your toes curl reasoning the fact that being jacked up is the best cure. On an another note that this is the best cure to make you work through the hours whilst being immensely tired. Also the best cure to make a curly mind straightened. Also it will make a loony Monday better because going to work on that day is an utter crazy thing to do, but it is a mandatory thing to do. If this is the case of scenario: Get your head around with a couple of mixes by Nick Curly ( Defected, Cocoon Recordings, Plastic City, Cécille Records, ITH Records, 8Bit).
They’ll bring a Curled Up situation in a Straightforward motion!

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