Facsimile: Clean – Keinemusik Radio Show – Tunnel FM.

One time in New York! One time in a time there everything was flipped up side down. One time there the big apple consumed my heart wholeheartedly. One time there a mix made the New York stay so complete – and purely so New York.


One mix that made the load to book tickets for a club night that are still ranking high – three years later. One mix that truly took my money with me raiding the record stores for vinyl in the next. One mix that stated later on that I am up to no good. Really one mix that goes into so many terrains that it is not even funny. It sure does so many vender benders that truly will make this as a remarkable outstanding production. So why have the producers deleted one of the uttermost perfect – and clean cut sets that I have ever listened to! It bugs me enough. It had to be uploaded again by yours truly. It had to be. So thank you, Keinemusik for your brilliance! Keep that coming!

DISCLAIMER: I do not have the rights for the set.

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