Mixology Sessions: Ida Nerbø – Live at Trøkk16.

One mix that you should get your head around with just because it truly captivates you from the first minute. As in from the first second! The craftsmanship behind this mix comes from Ida Nerbø – a DJ coming out from Bergen. One city that truly do not care for the unsaid rule here in Norway which are: You shall never believe that you are better than others. One mix that truly goes against that – it even goes against the Oslo scene. A scene equally good, but on another turf such as being more industrial. This felt being more rigid and airy. Airy such as more concise and more aligned with its recorded environment: The forest. Where this type of music seems to be more powerful. It talks with the trees – and giving the music a little bit more muffled sound. The mix on the other side could be a production from a Berlin based DJ – with loads of followers on several platforms. It even could be a production placed in an empty warehouse deep in an alley in Detroit. It truly does. It even delivered a walkthrough twice because the mix are so good – and so into the bone techno. Even the acid part were placed to perfection! To come up with an conclusion it feels as though Ida Nerbø haven't been doing anything else in her entire life. She truly delivered excellence. It feels that she will be conquer the world – which she really are about to do because she played in Hong Kong yesterday. So this is a one to follow! For Weeks! For Years! For Decades!


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