Midweek: Screen shot edition. 

Well you would have thought that a charger to my MacBook Air would have appeared into my life again by now. Well no! I have been without a charger ever since that morning where I had so little time – and where the charger tap tapped into a glass of water standing beside my bed. Well I work until I fall asleep. So that’s the explanation why the MacBook Air charger tap have suffered that fate. The fate of the weekend is yet an another adventure – and the weekend are not that heavy on the bookings somehow. It seems to be that there is a low season in this world as well because everyone is out and about. To sum up what happens this weekend I had to look upon Resident Advisor. Just because Facebook are a bit cluttered in terms of how the events are in place. This is how it all looks like in my calendar. How does yours look like? 

Venues: Elefant, Jaeger. 

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