Midweek: Sulta, Halo, Silva, Finnebassen.

Over this weekend there are a plethora of bookings to go for – and they are bound to be making you become drenched in sweat. So drenched that you look like you have been running the New York marathon twice. The option to remain in the same way when going out is to go for the lazy one. The one that keeps the attire and face intact throughout the entire night – the one are the cab fare solution. A must do in other words because SultaHalo, Silva, Finnebassen will care deeply about your visit!



Fil 05.07.2017, 00.52.54
First: Silva: Even André Rygg. Second: Halo: Unknown. Third photo: Finnebassen: Author. Fourth: Sulta: Photo: James Gourlay
So if you wonder how to cope with a schedule to go for an immensely go all in round in a country where the clubs close but ugly early. Here is the answer for you!

Firstly look at the attending on facebook that will settle the know how on how many minuets that are going to be spent in the line. Secondly when have gone through the entrance say hello to at least three people that you may know – and dismiss the rest. Thirdly – and lastly after doing that go straight in to the listening. If the music does not turn an eargasm on just end it right there. After the goodbyes to the three new faces that you know say that you are going to an another party. They might join you – and the cab fare will drop down because club hopping are expensive. On the way to the next venue you should gather yourself with the fact that there are a smaller line because the hours have been drawn to the closing time. This are a big time win-win situation for all!

Since the Sulta, Halo, Silva, Finnebassen situation are going over two days the best is to go on a repeat with this recipe described above to club hop the best way.

Venues: Jaeger, Blå, The Villa, Skaugum. City: Oslo.


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