Track of today! The Margarets – Spoonful of Love. 

Also with yet another lifelong status as a favorite track that has been in the following over two decades. Going in thick and thin. A track that certainly are not a house track, but the contextual essence of the track is so off the charts deeply rooted with what house culture stands for. A spoonful of love. The track as whole are all about the sixties, the beatnik era with the twist of what happened during the previous decade the 1950s. Also about what have not been happening in your world.

The world of the track are placed around the era of the Beatniks – a subculture that was all about being “beat”. A subculture that was all about hustlers, drug addicts, and petty thieves. All of that are confronted in the landscape of the track who are clearly rooted throughout in the track “Spoonful of Love”. Beatniks are subculture that have a strong relation to the house music culture – in terms of having the same sociological aspects. If we look closer to one of the key genres such as Jazz we can see that this are so in-tune with house music, because the ground rhythm goes on accord with 4 by 4 count. According to this track this is not a jazz track but it has been placed in the riot world which are rock & roll and pop. Beatniks were also an answer to the established world and was about making the artistic statement of the time. A time there it was a cold war going on – so theft was needed because no one could express themselves. So therefore a contrast came as explained – the Beatnik. The period of the beatnik lasted from the 1950s throughout the 1960s.

The Margaret’s spent a decade to create the album “What kept You?” containing this track – and that says a lot about the craftsmanship put in to this. So it can be stated as an masterpiece who made a Beatnik thievery get conquered. Henceforth as of today the track can also be seen as a modern classic!

INFO: The Margaret’s are a band coming from Giske that are located in the middle of Norway. They are to be found in the pop/rock genre.

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