Facsimile: One Night At La Java.

This week have been really causing an uproar in feelings! So deep going. So severe that it landed me on the deepest journey of what to share in a facsimile. One there sweat literally steamed up the mirror to be making a river on its way down to the floors in the next. One night there everybody there peoples merely swallowed the whole bar down. One night there everybody just said clearly out loud – I am here! One night that just could have been taken out from the movie The Matrix there people exploded out in a primal behavior. What was the night that made this effect was the one night at La Java.

Tijo Aime was one of the persons that played that night – and in the present time  can not be thanked enough just because everybody walked out feeling as rejuvenated persons. Walked out with different perspectives – and with a total change of horizons. In my place I was placed with a fashionista state of mind. It are clearly stated as my true nature to be. So the nature walked wonders for me from that moment on to be making a raving blog, the fashionists. It sure was the true nature to hold because went from going to battles to be all about fashion events, conferences and weeks all around in Scandinavia. All of that gave a meaningful exploration of clothing sat in different styles – not in body movements. What was the natural outcome by dancing Voguing was it became all about the magazine Vogue. It all became a hand in hand situation but somehow along the way the dance slided away. A truth as of today because today I work in fashion – that holds its sixth year. So being deep in the feeling of dancing Vogue have caused a wave for years. So the natural cause as of for now is reinstate the title I have shed for years: Fashionista! A Fashionista that DJs! 

With all of this being implemented into my life in again – I will with furthe ado introduce the sixth column: 

Style Groover! – an energy boost like a cup of Java. 

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